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Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Natural Hair Journey: A Teen's Desire

Today I finally took out the time to tell you all about my natural hair journey for the first time EVER!
(I'm 9 almost 10 months natural as of now btw!)

The Journey:
I had very long and thick hair when I was a little girl. Before and after I started getting perms. I got perms at prob. about 5,6,or7, can't remember lol. One day we were in Wal-Mart and my mom was about to get the pink touch (one with olive oil) which she always uses on my hair until her friend came up and talked her into getting one of those perms were 2 come in the box for the same price as one pink touch perm. My mom gave it a try and afterwards while my aunt was styling it she noticed hair was coming out. She thought my hair was just shedding. Weeks after weeks my hair was getting shorter and shorter and within a year I went from Mid-back length hair to neck length.:( My mom,grand-mom,and auntie were very mad. I was furious!! I longed for that long hair I had and sometimes cried because my hair just stayed neck length. I would go off and on to the salon after that and the stylist def. knew what she was doing because my hair loved it and grew shoulder length. After while I started going to different stylists and back to neck length it went. Fast forward to my 8th grade year when I went back to the salon that I thought made my hair grow oh so fast. My hair was so damaged she ended up cutting it ear length. I was disappointed but loved the look after I'd grew too it. I got some kinky twists last March and after those were taken out I got  a perm that would be my Last one! I didn't really know that I was going natural. I was just giving my hair a break for a couple of months. Come September, I started looking at straw sets since my mom had suggested I would look cute with them and came across these beautiful women with natural hair, one in particular NikkiMae2003. I was so inspired when I saw her get the BC and watched her hair journey and her styles and tips and saw how natural hair grew so fast,health, and almost any style. I was so anxious to have a 'fro that even though I had a appointment with a stylist that Friday I watched people cut their hair at home and started "experimenting" until my mom said that I should let someone who knows what they're doing do it. So I did  and on that day September 23rd  I was grinning the whole 10 miles back home posing for the camera , and was so thrilled with all the positive feedback I got from the stylist, my mom, grandparents, and a lot of my friends! I was so skeptical about going to school being the 1st black natural girl. I looked over it, got up that day ,(the 26th to be exact ) and stuck my little flower in my hair and went to school. A lot of the girls loved it and was asking me how to get their hair like mines and how I did it.Some people were being simple minded and talked about me,because they never thought I would've did it. I looked over some and talked back to some but after they saw how good of condition my hair was and the styles they were the main ones giving me compliments.Now we all get the "Why you cut your hair, it was so long?!" When in actuality it was short and unhealthy before.  Now almost 10 months later my hair is healthy, I've built up my self esteem (it was high before but it's even Higher now! lol) and learned to just be me and not be scared to be unique with my kinks.That's how I got my username by the way lol Unique girl with Kinks at the age of 14.
I know it's long but I've been longing to do a caption of my natural hair journey while transitioning and not transitioning and I finally did it!!!
                                           (Stylist cut hair to Ear Length:12/18/10)
                                          (Hair Had Grown:4/8/11)

Transition Days!:

                                  (July:Wore Bobs Mostly Throughout Transition)

                                          (Back To School Sew-In -Freshmen!:7/29/11)

                                            Day After BC! ((9-24-11))

                                         (Dec.-Jan.:Protective Style-Sew-In)

                                          ( Jan.-Feb.:Another Sew-In)

                                         (Results After Sew-In: Great Growth!!)

                                         (March:Yes!Another Sew-In)


*Posts/Pics For 6 Months Anniversary:http://naturallyuniquesistas.blogspot.com/2012_04_01_archive.html)


That's all I have for now, still on the search for a new camera! I will be updating whenever possible so stay tuned for this and much more! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

With Curly Love,


  1. love your hair journey hun, your natural look transition look amazing. i ALWAYS LOVE how much having a sewin brings so much hair growth

    thank you for visiting my blog


    your latest follower shari

  2. Aaaw, Thanks! Yes, the sew-ins helped me out big time! And thank you for taking the time to check out my blog!


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