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Monday, June 11, 2012

4C Hair: Dealing With Split Ends

Split ends is a hair dilemma that almost every one has or will experience,especially ones with 4c type hair. Our hair is more prone to getting split ends due to the tangles and knots that our hair easily can get. There are numerous of ways that split ends occur if it's from combing the hair the wrong way, the use of heat, or handling the hair toughly. If you're experiencing split ends, don't just let them stay-TRIM THEM! The longer you wait to do something about them the more they will rise up your hair shaft leading your hair to even more damage. Here are some ways to keep those split ends away:

-Detangle your hair while it's damp or completely wet with conditioner.
Don't try it on dry hair, this is one of the main reasons for split ends occurring!

-Avoid using to much heat on your hair. 
The more heat you use, the more damage you're likely to encounter.

-Always make sure to keep those ends moisturized! 
You can use a oil such as Castor or EVOO or a butter such as Shea Butter.

-Give your hair a break from the daily styling.
Try doing protective styles, this gives your hair a break and keeps those ends from splitting.

-Trim your ends whenever needed.
This saves you and your hair from unnecessary damage and keep those ends healthy.

-Deep Condition your hair weekly or at least once a month. 
This will help ensure that your hair shaft stays strong!

-Sleep with a satin or silk scarf (or pillowcase) when you go to bed!
This will help a lot, the cotton in your pillowcases can dry your hair out. Scarfs and pillowcases made with satin or silk doesn't "roughen" the hair up!

-Most importantly comb your hair with care!
Rough-handling your hair will definitely cause split ends!
Hopefully this will help someone out there!

With Curly Love,
-       TrueKinks


  1. I do pretty much all you write except few things like wet detangling. I'll add finger detangling can be an option too dry (with oil) or wet :)

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