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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Six Month Nappiversary!

6 Months Natural: Flat Ironing My 4c Hair

Decided To Pull It Back In A Hump In The Front(Day 5/6)

I know I'm a little overdue on this post, but for my 6 month nappiversary, I decided to give my hair an oh so needed trim and see how long it had gotten. I was so scared at first while getting it straightened, just thinking about some of the experiences with heat damage that a lot of naturalists have experienced. Well let me tell you, the day after my hair had already started reverting on the ends a little bit, so I know that my ends aren't experiencing any heat damage. Today will mark the 6th day since I've gotten my hair straightened and it's still holding on! (Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing lol) I must admit though, I am very much missing my 'fro! Here are some pics:
Before Straightening

Straightened (Day 1)

Loving the Sleekness and Shine!(Day 1)

Back View Of My Hair (Day 1)